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2006.01.15 14:08:04 (1.)
Hi 126 fans,

this is our brand new English Forum, please feel free to use :)

Club126 Hungary
2006.01.25 13:04:41 (2.)
simple vintage
i have just some vespas and one cars guys ! greetings from italy,Rome.
2006.01.25 18:20:31 (3.)
simple vintage #101302:
Greetings! Have you got any pictures of them?
2006.01.28 11:34:03 (4.)
hello can you check my web site
and say what do you think abaout my fiat 126 1.1 turbo
2006.01.29 00:08:36 (5.)
Obrotka Gyula
rafalmaxi #101972:
nice. :)
2006.01.30 19:17:06 (6.)
thank's any way I don't understood nothing what you said but I'm happy, aktually I changing engine for 1.4 turbo from uno turbo and I wanna put kit and chenge power something about 200 PS now is 127PS and 220 NM see you later in zvolen or some other place in hungary or slovakia.
2006.01.30 19:25:31 (7.)
rafalmaxi #102530:
I moved your post here, here you won't get Hungarian answers :)
Could you tell us something plase about getting licences in Poland for upgrading to 1.4?
Here in Hungary it's impossible. Maybe to 900, but 1.4 is unimaginable, unfortunately. :(
2006.02.28 06:27:46 (8.)
hay alguien que parle español, o al menos ingles, yo tambien tengo un 126p pero vivo en Cuba, le he echo algunas alteraciones, que me gustaria compartir con mis amigos del sitio

Alayon (Cuba)
2006.02.28 06:34:01 (9.)
alayon650 #108798:
Hi there, as I know no one speak Spanish, but in English we can talk.
I recommend for you to use our English topic at Menu/Forum/English (
2006.02.28 06:37:08 (10.)
nyuszy #108799:
Hi there, dont worry, you are the first one that speaks to me
do you have photos of the engine of your car, because, i want to see it, if there is no problem, dont´t worry when i get a digital camera you can see my car
2006.02.28 06:43:00 (11.)
alayon650 #108800:
We have lots of photos :) What kind of engine do you want to see? An original 126p 650 or some tuned one?
2006.02.28 06:45:18 (12.)
hi everybody, i was talking with rafalmaxi, but, i want to meet
owners of 126 becouse i have one, my engine have 79.00 mm of piston and a big carburator, but i don have a digital camera
let me see what i can do to show the body view, the engine and some other stuff
2006.02.28 06:49:06 (13.)
nyuszy #108802:
some tune´s engines, in clouser view´s is there is posible
2006.02.28 06:51:45 (14.)
Schäffer Szilvia
alayon650 #108804:
nyuszy will surely find something to show you ;)
good to see you here :c)
2006.02.28 06:52:42 (15.)
alayon650 #108803:
As this kind of tuning we use Fiat Panda 30 cylinder head. That's great because of the double inlet and easily can be fit a double carb (the original for this cylinder head is a duble Weber 30), as can be seen at or at
2006.02.28 06:57:43 (16.)
alayon650 #108803:
We have some members who have fitted a Fiat 903 cm3 engine. We can't fit bigger such as Uno 1.4 because in Hungary it's impossible to get a license for that kind of Engines.
2006.02.28 07:03:28 (17.)
nyuszy #108806:
That´s a big carburator, i have a C-100 russian one single inlet
with injector, but a have problems, the car spend so much gas
and the engine fell´s owfull, i need to get information of that carb
2006.02.28 07:23:52 (18.)
alayon650 #108808:
This carb is nearly the same that have been fitted in Fiat 126 BIS (the watercooled 703 cm3 version), you can find some technical data in that car's service manual what can be find at Books/Fiat 126 BIS: Javítási kézikönyv (EN).
We usually use the Panda 30 cylinder head because it's fully compatible with the original 652 cm3 engine and has a ready intake manifold for tha double Weber 30 carb.
It's hard to find because Panda 30 was a rare car. You can read some about Panda 30 at site.
If you want to buy some set I offer to look for it on eBay, it's rare but can be found.
It's not too complicated to build in, you take off the original head and put in the Panda head with it's carb to it's original place. What have to be changed is the tubes of valve-gear, the Panda head is lower therefore tubes length have to be decreased or have to bulid in the Panda tubes. The other thing is the housing, the Panda head is wider than the original one, so you have to use a saw, hammer or something like that :)
2006.03.02 13:39:54 (19.)
nyuszy #108809:
here yo have a photo of my car
it is not a big thing but it´s something
2006.03.02 13:47:05 (20.)
alayon650 #109354:
Greetings! That's "not a big thing"? Whit these wood inlays and that steering wheel? That's very nice, I like it!
2006.03.04 01:11:54 (21.)
Lajoska #109358:
that´s my car in out side view
2006.03.04 05:56:57 (22.)
i need information about, a k-125p carburator from ex URSS
if any body can find me something about that i´ll realy be so happy, if you want yo can send a mail to
2006.03.04 11:34:23 (23.)
nyuszy #108809:
hi, how are you, i put a out side view of my car, sunner i´ll
bring some one of the engine
2006.03.04 11:41:15 (24.)
alayon650 #109800:
It's cool 8) You have the same mirrors than me :)
Your wheels are original? I've never seen this kind.
About your carb: I was looking for it but I couldn't find anything. What car was manufactured with that carb originally, does it have a manufacturer and type code?
2006.03.04 11:52:05 (25.)
no my wheels are not original, that´s a model from japan, made by, Daewoo Tico, about the carburator it´s a carburator from a c-100 hard work equipment from 60´s, it used as auxiliary starter motor and it is a model K-125P (K) from
carburator in russian, the number its the model.
2006.03.04 19:43:17 (26.)
alayon650 #109802:
This wheel is an original Daewoo Tico sport wheel or made it at home? ;)
2006.03.06 13:33:48 (27.)
djsms #109849:
original wheel´s from that car, i also made other change´s
i will send you photos
2006.03.06 13:48:11 (28.)
alayon650 #110134:
Feel free to upload any pictures of your car :)

About you carb I didn't find anything, sorry :(
But if possible, please make some pictures and let us see it!
2006.03.10 15:12:39 (29.)

Good web-site (what I can read of it!!).

You guys on the continent can get hold of some great bodykits which I can't seem to find in the UK. Can you recommend any links to suppliers. I have a 1991 Bis and would like to find a gianini rally kit (the one with the bubble arches).

Can you help?


2006.03.18 16:10:12 (30.)
i would like to now how can i buy a transparent back ligth´s
for my 126p, but remember that i live in cuba, if any body of you have some information please answer me.
2006.03.18 17:10:33 (31.)
Pete #110916:
I think in Hungary much more difficult to get tuning stuff than in UK :)
But on eBayone can find anything what he wants, it's only question of time ;)

alayon650 #112294:
We have some shops in Hungary who buy car parts directly from Poland and there we can get it. If you can use eBay, try it, the used to be this kind off stuff.
Or probably we could send it to you via post, the only question is how could we get the price.
Usually the transparent light is not too expensive, the whole set (front, side and rear) costs about ~30 USD.
2006.03.28 02:50:10 (32.)
it´s a little dificult i dont have a way to send you money i realy want it but i can so that the problem
2006.04.01 02:30:17 (33.)
hi everybody:

I would like to made a Cuban club for the owners of fiat 126p
if any body of you can help me i´ll be so happy of that, becouse here we dont have one single club to join the people
and we actually have many owners, and some beautyfull cars.
2006.04.01 07:15:10 (34.)
alayon650 #115069:
hi men yo tambien soy cubano y me interesa eso del club contactame
2006.04.01 07:22:36 (35.)
alayon650 #115069:
As I see the first member of Cuban 126 Club has been arrived :D
Of course if we can we will help you!
2006.04.01 08:08:13 (36.)
naooh1 #115076:
hola socio ya te mande un correo, tenemos que concretar algunas cosas respondeme o si estas en la habana puedes llamar al 835-8163 este es el telefono de mi tabajo o al 0650-38-5435 que es el de mi casa
2006.04.01 08:11:41 (37.)
nyuszy #115084:
i´m gona make some search and trie to convince the people about that and see what happens but dont worry you are gona be the godfather of that proyect
2006.04.05 02:31:54 (38.)
how can i made a club in this page ???
2006.04.05 10:33:12 (39.)
alayon650 #115898:
What do you mean on it?
2006.04.05 12:42:13 (40.)
nyuszy #115914:
for example, here we have a inglish forum, i want to now how to make a spanish forum, yust to see the thin´s of the club
2006.04.16 19:04:59 (41.)
welcome to Bulgarian CLUB 126P...
2006.04.16 20:01:44 (42.)
svetlion #118020:
Hi Svetlion,
will you come to our Summer Meeting? :)
2006.04.18 13:59:06 (43.)
Automobile #118255:
Danke schön ;)
2006.04.18 14:13:38 (44.)
djsms #118303:
It was an advertising bot ;)
2006.04.18 19:54:22 (45.)
nyuszy #118307:
Bist du sicher? ;)
2006.04.18 20:06:10 (46.)
djsms #118381:
Yes, bacause I have to delete a few of this kind each day :)
2006.04.18 20:07:44 (47.)
djsms #118381: Meine güter, das ist ein englischer forum! Bitte kein sprechen (screiben) deutsch!
2006.04.18 20:14:45 (48.)
Schäffer Szilvia
KeMa #118392:
Then why are you writing in German? :O
2006.04.18 20:22:24 (49.)
Schäffer Szilvia #118396:
Because german is a very beautiful language ;) (Or not?)
2006.04.18 20:24:46 (50.)
Schäffer Szilvia #118396: because... hmmm... I don't know.. :D




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